Friday, December 16, 2016

Bill Pryor reportedly is among Donald Trump's top two choices to replace Antonin Scalia, as we prepare to publish second gay-porn photo from Pryor's past

Bill Pryor, from
Federal circuit judge and former Alabama Attorney General Bill Pryor is among President-Elect Donald Trump's top two choices to replace the late Antonin Scalia on the U.S. Supreme Court, according to a new report at The news comes as we are set to publish a second nude photograph of Pryor from his picture gallery that appeared at the gay-pornography site in the late 1990s.

Pryor, from the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals (covering Alabama, Georgia, and Florida), and Diane Sykes, from the Seventh Circuit (covering Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin) lead Trump's list SCOTUS possibilities. The Eleventh Circuit is based in Atlanta, but Pryor's duty station is at the Hugo Black Courthouse in Birmingham, and he resides in Vestavia Hills.

We have reported several times recently that Pryor probably is at or near the top of Trump's list because of Pryor's close ties to U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL), who is the president-elect's choice to be attorney general.

Pryor is an ardent opponent of gay rights, even though his nude image (taken while he was in college at Northeast Louisiana University, now Louisiana Monroe) has appeared at multiple gay-porn print publications, along with digital sites -- the most prominent being Bad Puppy, which is considered a "super store" of gay porn. We broke the story of Pryor's ties to gay porn in September 2013, and roughly one month later, Alabama deputies kidnapped me from our own home and tossed me in the Shelby County Jail for five months. Was that due to my reporting on Pryor (and perhaps other reports I was working on)? I have no doubt the answer is yes.

In recent weeks, I've tracked down multiple individuals who knew Pryor from his days in Louisiana. They report that the nude photos are, in fact, of THE Bill Pryor, and they report extensive details about their relationships with him. One of those relationships was of an intimate nature, and the man involved is willing to provide details.

That suggests Pryor is little more than a glorified organized-crime figure. We also are preparing one or more revealing posts about dubious associations in Sessions' past -- ties that the Alabama mainstream press (MSM) has ignored for years.

Today's report about Pryor's standing in TrumpWorld, which originated with CNN, confirms our reporting that he was a strong candidate to replace Scalia. From's version of the report:

Donald Trump has reportedly narrowed his Supreme Court choices down to two candidates: Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Diane Sykes and 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge - and former Alabama Attorney General - William "Bill" Pryor.

The two judges have emerged from a list of 20 possible replacement for late Justice Antonin Scalia, CNN reported. Trump transition aide Jason Miller would not confirm the report, only saying the Supreme Court vacancy is "actively being discussed."

"The President-elect, he had previously put out a list of 20 very qualified individuals from which he would select. I know that they have continued to narrow that list down," Miller said. "He himself has said that's probably a shorter list of five or six folks that are near the top of that, that's being narrowed down to. And again, but this is another one where it's an absolute utmost priority, so we need to make sure we get this one right."

Pryor holds such extremist, right-wing views -- and his qualifications are so thin (he had never been a judge at any level, not even traffic court) -- that it required a recess appointment from George W. Bush to get the Alabamian's foot inside the federal judiciary door. It long has been reported that the appointment was a reward for Pryor (while Alabama AG) launching an investigation of Democratic Governor Don Siegelman, which led to a dubious federal prosecution that has Siegelman now residing at a U.S. prison in Oakdale, Louisiana.

Judge Bill Pryor
From today's story:

Pryor, 54, is a Mobile native and Tulane Law School graduate. He served as Alabama's Attorney General from 1997-2004, becoming the youngest state AG in the U.S. In 2005, Pryor was nominated by President George W. Bush to the U.S. Court of Appeals and was appointed after a contentious hearing with the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Pryor was eventually confirmed on a 53 to 45 vote after a brokered deal between Republicans and Democrats.

From the original CNN story:

Pryor, a staunch conservative, called Roe v. Wade, the 1973 decision making abortion legal, the "worst abomination in the history of constitutional law."

The 54-year-old Tulane Law University grad sits on the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Neither CNN nor mentioned Pryor's ties to gay porn, even though my original reporting received widespread attention in the Web press. The issue could prove to be Pryor's largest hurdle to reaching SCOTUS. Evidence suggests Pryor failed to disclose his nude photographs -- all federal nominees are asked if there is anything in their past that could embarrass them or the president who nominated them -- and that likely would mean he lied to the FBI and to Congress. That is a crime that Pryor apparently has gotten away with once. Is he ready to follow that risky path again?

The answer to that question almost certainly is yes, given Pryor's ambition, sense of entitlement, hunger for power, and greatly inflated assessment of his abilities. But we soon will be publishing more information about his Bad Puppy days. It will be interesting to see if the MSM, Congressional leaders, Democrat opponents, or others take notice. It should disqualify Pryor on the spot for SCOTUS, and a serious investigation likely would get him tossed off the bench and prosecuted for multiple felonies.


W. 'wild' West said...

Go Roger!


Anonymous said...

Pryor is unbelievably over-rated. The guy is a hack who is advanced way beyond his talent level.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I understand why you think any Republican would even care about these alleged dick pics (whether they are alleged gay or alleged straight dick pics).

Doesn't the good judge attend church regularly with his wife and chillens?

Doesn't he attempt to uphold freedum in all its' forms?

Doesn't he support a Ray Moore for every shithouse?

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see this second photo.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read what you've got on Sessions. There have been rumors about his "proclivities" for quite some time.

legalschnauzer said...

@2:16 -- The Alabama MSM has gone to great lengths to keep the full Sessions under wraps. It won't be under wraps much longer.

legalschnauzer said...

@2:17 --

I have no idea what Republicans care about, so I don't take that into account. I try to approach each post as an act of journalism. That's what I know, that's what I try to do. The political stuff . . . I'll leave for others.

Anonymous said...

I could have told you Pryor was on Trump's short list when you published the nude picture.

Anonymous said...

Bill Pryor has two talents -- posing for nudie pictures and riding Jeff Sessions' coat tails.

Anonymous said...

A lot of people still remember "Big" Jim Folsom, Alabama Governor; but a lot of people still remember Jim Folsom, Jr...............and how during 1994, Jeff Sessions, then a private practicing attorney in Mobile with Pryor as his associate ran for State of Alabama Attorney General's office in the Governor Fog James' administration. In Sessions determination to win his office, protecting James' re-election from Folsom, Jr. who had one time enjoyed as much as 13 point lead did conspire with friends, himself at the time having been an U.S. Attorney, several FBI agents out of the Mobile regional office to join in secretly doing clandestine investigations, primarily involving Folsom, Jr. In one instance FBI agents telling individual in Wetumpka at McDonalds not to say anything about them being there, that they were not suppose be out of their jurisdiction especially in helping Sessions political campaigning. False and fraudulent documents were acquired to appear as if Folsom, Jr. had engaged in accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars when he didn't-------------------none of that and others probably they never mentioned before senate judiciary committee hearings----one has to wonder if be the case this time?

Anonymous said...

Hah, what a great line, @5:56. Almost made me spew.

Anonymous said...

LS: Lest everyone forget, Clarence Thomas was approved for the SCOTUS despite his alleged sexual harassment of fellow-Republican, Anita Hill, and his white wife. And I have it firsthand that he has been a regular porn consumer his entire time on the bench. His only judicial experience consisted of 16 months on the DC Court of Appeals prior to his SCOTUS nomination by George H.W. Bush. A number of folks felt that the Thomas nomination was blowback for the poor treatment and ultimate dismissal of Reagan nominee Robert Bork.
Thomas is just as much an idealogue as was his fellow Catholic and abuser of perks, Antonin Scalia.

S C said...

@7:15 p.m. Jim Folsom Jr was targeted by the Feds? Perhaps he was, but why wasn't he charge/prosecuted/convicted considering all the Cayman rumors? My point being, he might have done something wrong. He might have done nothing wrong. He might have been connected enough to buy a get out of jail free card, but pointing fingers at the feds and a swipe against the Republicans is just silly. MOST OF THEM - BOTH PARTIES - ARE DIRTY at least in Alabama.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

December 17, 2016 @ 1:06 A.M. Well, you are right about the both parties. But the fact is; that U.S. Attorney Redding Pitt, Montgomery, at the time was begged into the case by Sessions with Pryor in tow, as Rove, Canary, and their operatives sought to maneuver politics to insure James' re-election, as Sessions' illegally campaigned by using Mobile FBI agents to beat out Jimmy Evans for Attorney General's Office. The entire Folsom investigation was conspired to overflow election day, undermining any possibility of Folsom winning; immediately after election............ Sessions as Attorney General does not officially pursue investigation, leaving it dumped in Redding Pitt's lap to publicly explain future disposition, without the state, more sooner than later, Pitt closes case w/o charges, because never any, and what had been made public had been fabricated and a part of fraudulently prepared documents, etc etc..... Unknown the cost to Alabama tax payer's coffers for Sessions' and Pryor's political malfeasances during 1994.

S C said...

@5:43 p.m. where was George Wallace Jr in all this? The rumors had him connected to the Caymans, too. He was the state treasurer at the time.

M Hay said...

You are "preparing" to publish the pic? Jesus Roger, you pretend like this stupid blog is about the publish some world-shaking thing that will change the course of American history. And that the traffic to your blog actually benefits you somehow. Why the hell don't you have a WordPress blog and get some advertisers? Then maybe you wouldn't have to beg for money.

The pic isn't him. You are being played by his political opponents. I know you think you have sources, but unless they go public all I see is people in the establishment jerking your around for fun and their benefit.

We need to see your proof, Roger. We REALLY need to see it.

Show, don't tell.

Pryor won't be stopped by the likes of you. I guess would want the Christian Trumpists to turn on Pryor for what, exactly? They already voted for the immoral Donald Trump. Pryor would have to do a lot worse.

Anonymous said...

I also believe that it was because of your reporting on the judge that got you beat up, carted off to jail. When looking at those pictures I hope you can see were you got off easy as I'm sure the judge would have loved nothing better than to take his "stick" and give your rear end a good going over. I wish someone would come up with some other pictures of the judge so we could see for our self's what he looked like during that time of his life. Also I'm betting that he had friends and/or PAL's, "private ass lickers" than ran with him during that time that could add to this discussion of if the picture is real or not. I know one this for a fact, you are the only reporter who has the balls to report on this. Anyway, all of this brings new meaning to the question of if he measures up for the job or not.

e.a.f. said...

perhaps he thought appearing nude on these sites wouldn't embarrass the President of the time. It was his way of making money and making money is the main thing that reminds me of the Bush legacy, making money for them and theirs. so in that context perhaps Pryor didn't think it was an embarrassing things. It wasn't as if Bush seems embarrassed about destroying Iraq, so how can some one else be embarrassed by a few naked pictures..........its all about making money.

Your blog is well read so it maybe some major newspaper will carry the story also. The New York Times came to British Columbia to investigate the provincial government's building of the Site C dam for B.C. Hydro and if you want to see corruption, B.C. is starting to over take Alabama, in my opinion.

Guess this will be the first Supreme court justice who has naked pictures of himself out there. Ought to be fun if some one shows up in court with the picture on a t.shirt. Wonder what would happen.

Will Trump appoint him? OF course. You need to change the judicial system to really have control over a country. You can have laws, but if those laws are broken then only a supreme court which is slanted one way or another can deliver what the right wing wants. Its not about the rule of law, its about control. This will work very well for the Trumperits once they start abolishing worker rights, They will most likely be the first to go. All those angry white guys who thought Trump would "make America great again" are just going to love loosing their rights on the job and be back some where in the early 1900s. They may have jobs but their working conditions may wind up being like those in 3rd world countries.

We can only hope that some Republicans will vote with the dems to stop the appointment of Trump's nominees. they might even get their party back. Lincoln was a Republican. If Trump gets his way, he could go down as the president who enslaved an entire nation.

Anonymous said...

* You are allowed to edit*
First time posting, NOTE: I have been sliding in here & there to view your blog Mr. Shuler, for yrs. Somehow I found you via the fiasco of Mountain Brook's Tiny Kingdom saga of Natalee Holloway. [Twitty eye roll] Sad but true. I am neither left or right but I'd like to compliment you for keeping me intrigued with solid journalism, as it should be. I also would like to wish you and your Ms's to enjoy the season with a whole lot of Schnauzer thrown in. Best Wishes to you all. XXOO

legalschnauzer said...

Thank you, @2:10, and best holiday wishes to you and yours. Hope you will keep sliding in to visit as you get a chance.

Anonymous said...

You have contemporaneous photos of Riley as an adolescent and young man, so you know that pic above is not Riley.

You are the worst of liars.

legalschnauzer said...

11:49 -- You are the worst of idiots. You don't even know the person we are talking about. Multiple times you have called him Riley, and it is PRYOR -- Bill Pryor.

You are right about one thing: The pic above is not of Riley, it's of Bill Pryor.