Monday, December 19, 2016

Ashley Madison customers revealed: Attorney Will Pringle, whose wife has her own interior-design company, appears at extramarital-cheaters site

Will Pringle
An attorney who has practiced at two prominent downtown-Birmingham law firms appears as a paying customer at the Ashley Madison extramarital-affair Web site.

William R. "Will" Pringle has worked at Christian and Small (CS) and Wiggins Childs Quinn and Pantazis (WCQP). Pringle started at CS in 2004, working primarily in transportation, premises liability, and labor and employment, becoming a partner in 2010. He became co-chair of the CS technology and emerging growth companies practice group in 2012.

He moved to WCQP, now known as Wiggins Childs Pantazis Fisher and Goldfarb (WCPFG) in 2014, and his time there was brief. WCPFG is the largest employment-discrimination/civil rights law firm in the state, so that likely was Pringle's focus while he was there.

Pringle now is head of the WRP Law firm, which does not appear to have a Web site, and serves as general counsel for the State Traditions apparel company, based in Birmingham.

Catherine Pringle
Will Pringle is married to Catherine Cooper Pringle, and images from her Facebook page indicate they have three young children. Mrs. Pringle earned a degree in interior design from the University of Alabama, and now has her own company, Catherine Pringle Design.

According to public records, the Pringles live at 2932 Brook Hollow Lane in Mountain Brook. Their home has an appraised value of $568,200.

We sought comment from Will Pringle for this post, but he has not responded.


(1) Edgar C. Gentle III -- attorney at Gentle Turner Sexton and Harbison, Birmingham, AL (3/8/16)

(2) Stewart Springer -- attorney, solo practice in Birmingham, AL. (3/9/16)

(3) Richard W. "Dick" Bell -- attorney, solo practice in Birmingham, AL (3/14/16)

(4) Robert M.N. Palmer -- attorney and bar association president in Springfield, MO (3/15/16)

(5) Thomas Plouff -- attorney, who is licensed in Alabama and has a practice in Chicago (3/17/16)

(9) Randy Bates -- executive VP and member of board of directors, Golden Flake (10/5/16)

(10) Reid Carpenter -- attorney, Lightfoot Franklin White, Birmingham (10/6/16)

(11) Scott Sink -- exec. VP, McGriff Seibels Williams, Birmingham (10/11/16)

(12) Russell Byrne -- VP for information systems, Bromberg's, Birmingham (10/17/16)

(13) Rob Waudby -- district manager, Skyline Steel, Birmingham (10/24/16)

(14) Paul Wells -- VP, Protective Life, Birmingham (10/25/16)

(15) Brian Shulman -- CEO, LTS Education Systems, Birmingham (10/26/16)

(16) Peyton Lacy -- attorney, Ogletree Deakins, Birmingham (11/1/16)

(17) James Dixon -- managing director, Sterne Agee, Birmingham (11/7/16)

(18) Craig O'Dear -- partner, Bryan Cave law firm, Kansas City, MO (11/16/16)

(19) Bill Smith III -- CEO, Royal Cup Coffee, Birmingham (11/12/16)


Anonymous said...

Why do seemingly classy women tend to marry cads like this clown?

legalschnauzer said...

I would answer that question with a five-letter word (M-O-N-E-Y) and a six-letter word (S-T-A-T-U-S). Even if your hubby is a crappy lawyer -- and I don't know if Mr. Pringle is any good or not -- it means a lot to wifey be able to tell family and friends he is with such and such firm. It sounds good, whether it is good or not.

Mr. Pringle seemed to be a climber at two big firms and either exited on his own or was shown the door. Either way, he got the wife and kids ensconced in the sacred land of Mountain Brook. Whether they stay there or not might be another question.

Anonymous said...

Strange that Mr. Pringle was at Wiggins Childs such a short time. If lawyers are any good at all, they usually stay at that firm for a while.

Anonymous said...

Did some quick research and could not find a single case where Pringle represented a client while at WC. My schedule is tight, so I might have missed something. Will check again, but for now looks like he was at Wiggins firm so briefly that he never handled a case for them.

To be seemingly on solid footing at Christian Small, then leave it for a brief stay at Wiggins Childs, then leave WC . . . that's not how things usually are done in Bham law.

Anonymous said...

2:50, Maybe the women aren't as classy as they appear.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear from the pearl clutchers who always appear when you write about Ashley Madison.

Anonymous said...

I wonder who the client was for the FOIA for information on the Puerto Rican rapid transit project contracts, specifically apparently including any surety bonds. Is Alabama a known center of Peurto Rican subway construction excellence?

See page 9.

Anonymous said...

How many more of these profiles do you intend to publish?

legalschnauzer said...

@4:48 -- Probably several hundred, maybe well into the thousands.

Is that OK with you?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm fine with that. But it seems to be getting a little repetitive at this point.

legalschnauzer said...

Is somebody forcing you to read it?

Anonymous said...

Hah! Love it when you dive into smart-ass mode, Schnauzer. You're pretty good at it.

legalschnauzer said...

I get a lot of practice.

Anonymous said...

this is beyond the pale. I don't understand you obsession with this topic, but its really creeping people out. This doesn't reflect well on you - it makes you look worse than the people you are trying to embarrass. And what call do you have to publish his wife's photo? It's often been pointed out to you, you are on shaky ground even with the truth of the claims you make, let alone there being any kind matter of public concern at stake here.

You should try to fix your own life. Maybe this fixation of yours is a way of avoiding your own problems.

legalschnauzer said...

Call me, and I will be happy to discuss, @11:11. Since you seem to be a mind reader -- you know what does or does not "creep people out" -- you won't need me to provide it for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes - make your identity known to a man who gleefully bashes people who disagree with him on a public forum. Enter the ring to be slaughtered or be silent. Mwahahaha!

legalschnauzer said...

I couldn't care less if you reveal your identity or not. You obviously are not intelligent enough to engage in conversation anyway. You have the mindset of a third grader, although that's an insult to many third graders.

Anonymous said...

Your fixation on the persons and their families who have had their names listed on a website* is just bizarre. You have been called "creepy and crazy" by finer minds than my own, but I do agree with that assessment.

It appears you are trying to make people respond to you or pay you off. Is this supposed to be a new source of notoriety and income for you? Because its just not a matter of public concern. I'm never going to call you, but I might call your brother and see if he has any desire to, or there is anything he can do at this point to get a guardianship of you, because you just keep getting worse.

*a dubious way to establish any participation in the site, vs someone using their information to get on the site, or fraudulently placed there by persons with ulterior motives)

legalschnauzer said...

Hah! You're afraid to talk with me, but you might call my brother? You want his number? He's already failed once at the guardianship thing, so he might as well fail twice.

Are you going to call my mommy, too? You want her number?

Here's some advice: When you call them, be sure to take the pacifier out of your mouth. It will be easier for them to understand you that way.