Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Memo to Donald Trump: Gay pornography might be the least of the scary stuff in Judge Bill Pryor's closet; we've seen signs that he is connected to felonies

Donald Trump
GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump stated at a recent debate that, if elected, he would consider nominating federal circuit judge Bill Pryor to the U.S. Supreme Court. It seems clear that Trump, at the time, was not aware of Pryor's connections to 1990s gay pornography, via nude photographs that appeared at the badpuppy,com Web site.

Gay porn, however, might be the least of troubling activities in Bill Pryor's past. Powerful evidence suggests he has connections to--or at least is aware of--criminal activities that were carried out on his behalf. This could involve serious criminality--possible felonies such as kidnapping, conspiracy, obstruction of justice, deprivation of rights under color of law, and more.

Was Pryor actively involved in such schemes? The answer to that is not clear at the moment. But we have little doubt he was aware of it and has done nothing to bring it to light. That, in itself, is a federal crime called misprision of a felony, under 18 U.S. Code 4. What does the crime involve? Here is the answer, from the statute:

Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

We're talking about a crime that carries a possible three-year prison sentence, so this is not to be sniffed at. It all hits close to home because evidence indicates my wife, Carol, and I were the targets of such a scheme--because of my reporting on Pryor's ties to gay porn. I was unlawfully arrested in fall 2013 and incarcerated for five months; Alabama deputies tried to arrest Carol; and we lost our home of 25 years to a dubious foreclosure, just as my jail time was coming to an end, forcing us to move out of state.

Did this all just happen out of thin air? We don't think so; we think someone made it happen. If Bill Pryor was involved, would he act alone in such a scheme? We doubt it.

Bill Pryor, at
The record points to Alabama attorneys and GOP operatives Rob Riley and Jessica Medeiros Garrison as possible accomplices. It is widely known that Pryor, Riley, and Garrison are political allies. As attorney general of Alabama, Pryor helped pave the way for Riley's father (Bob Riley) to become governor by launching an investigation against Democratic incumbent Don Siegelman. Jessica Garrison has stated publicly that she considers Bill Pryor to be her professional mentor, calling him a "real-life hero."

Let's look at a timeline of events related to my reporting on Bill Pryor's ties to gay porn and my arrest/incarceration, attempts to arrest Carol, and the foreclosure:

* Sept. 13, 2013--I send an e-mail to Pryor, seeking an interview and/or comment about my research showing that nude photos of him had appeared at Pryor responds by claiming the photos are not of him and instructing me not to contact him again.

* Sept. 17, 2013--I publish my first post about Pryor and gay porn, and numerous blogs and news sites quickly pick up on the story. These include Above the Law, the nation's No. 1 law blog.

* Sept. 18. 2013--I send a followup e-mail, asking Pryor if he would provide for inspection documents related to his confirmation as a U.S. judge. The issue is this: Did Pryor reveal his ties to gay porn during the confirmation process. I receive no reply to my query.

* Sept. 24, 2013--Shelby County deputies make the first of numerous visits to our home, usually two or more deputies, in two to three vehicles, at a time. I soon learn that Rob Riley has filed a defamation lawsuit against me, alleging that posts about his relationship with lobbyist Liberty Duke are false and defamatory. I later learn, via jailhouse communications with Birmingham attorney David Gespass, that no summons had been issued in the Riley case at this point, so the deputies could not have been trying to conduct lawful service. A service record from the Shelby County Sheriff's Office shows deputies tried to serve us 10 times in a six-day period. Sources state that it's extraordinary for a sheriff's department to attempt that many service attempts in such a short time. A normal course of events would involve one or two attempts in a 30-day period. If that doesn't work, the summons usually is returned to the clerk's office for attempts by a process server or other lawful means of service. Without a summons, the deputies had no valid grounds to serve us or "summons" us to court. That strongly suggests that they were trying to arrest us--even though we had committed no offense--and not serve us.

* Sept. 29, 2013--Deputy Mike DeHart conducts an unlawful traffic stop to "serve" us with papers in the Riley lawsuit. According to Gespass' written statement to me, these could not have included a summons, so we had no reason to appear at a hearing that was scheduled for the next day.

* October 3, 2013--I send an e-mail to Bill Pryor, asking if he had ever been diagnosed with strabismus, a crossing or misalignment of the eyes. The young man in the photos clearly has strabismus, and photos of an adult Bill Pryor suggest he also has the condition. Pryor does not respond. Multiple sources who have seen Pryor in person, up close, say the strabismus still is quite evident.

* October 17, 2013--I write a post about Bill Pryor and strabismus.

* October 23, 2013--I write a post about Jessica Garrison's extraordinary hypocrisy regarding tobacco. She states in court documents from her child-custody case that she objects to her former husband and his new wife smoking around her child. I point out that her "mentor" and "hero," Bill Pryor, has long helped protect the tobacco industry from being held accountable for diseases that its products cause.

* October 23, 2013--Just before 6 p.m., a few hours after my Garrison/Pryor/tobacco post appears, Shelby County deputy Chris Blevins arrives at our home, enters the garage without showing or stating that he had a warrant, shoves me to a concrete floor three times and douses me with pepper spray (without stating why he was there), handcuffs me and drags me to a police cruiser for a drive to the Shelby County Jail in Columbiana. I wind up getting charged with resisting arrest (believe it or not), and at the trial, Blevins and prosecutor Tonya Willingham are ordered to produce a copy of the warrant that Blevins claims he had in an incident report. Willingham says they have no warrant.

Rob Riley's possible role in this is obvious. His defamation lawsuit, on the surface, launched all of these events. Curiously, Riley never asked that his case be heard by a jury, and my reporting (to this day) never has been found false or defamatory at trial. That's because there was no trial.

U.S. Judge Bill Pryor
Garrison's role is less obvious because she filed a defamation lawsuit against me on August 27, 2013, before I had contacted Pryor or written a post about his ties to gay porn. But I received notice that our home was going into foreclosure just a few days before my release from jail. That turned out lives upside down and forced us eventually to move out of state, to Missouri, where I grew up. That meant I could not defend myself in Garrison's lawsuit, and she wound up receiving a $3.5-million default judgment that is not remotely supported by fact or law. In fact, the default judgment is void as a matter of law because of Garrison's failure to notify me of a hearing on default.

Curiously, Garrison's case proved to be much like Riley's: She only asked for a jury trial after I had asked for one; she did not seek one in her original complaints. My reporting never was found to be false and defamatory at trial because . . . surprise, surprise . . . there was no trial. Jessica Garrison never came close to proving my reporting was false in an adversarial proceeding--never sat for depositions, never answered interrogatories, never turned over documents (e-mails, texts, etc.) and never took a witness stand to be questioned by the opposing party or lawyer.

We've already shown that the foreclosure on our house was highly questionable, to the point of probably being wrongful under the law. But who benefited most from the foreclosure? Who received a $3.5-million default judgment because we were forced to move out of state in the foreclosure's wake?

The answer is Jessica Medeiros Garrison, who sees Bill Pryor as a "mentor" and a "hero."

Were Pryor, Rob Riley, Jessica Garrison (and perhaps others) involved in a scheme to have Carol and me arrested and jailed, while our house was stolen out from under us via a wrongful foreclosure? I don't have a definitive answer to that question yet, but the whole process is transmitting an odor most foul.

I recently sent Bill Pryor another e-mail, requesting an interview about Garrison, Riley, and issues related to my incarceration and our foreclosure--along with questions about Donald Trump's statement, in light of Pryor's ties to gay porn.

How did Pryor respond? We will let you know in an upcoming post.

(To be continued)


Anonymous said...

Pryor is a scary, scary dude.

Anonymous said...

This is what raises my eyebrows: You write a post on Oct. 17 about Bill Pryor and the strabismus issue, then six days later an Alabama cop beats you up at home, sprays mace all over you, and you wind up in jail for five months.

The strabismus angle, in my mind, proves that young "Bill Pryor" is the real "Bill Pryor" -- and the real Bill Pryor, and his allies, know it.

Anonymous said...

Schnauzer, I get the distinct impression you are not fond of Bill Pryor.

legalschnauzer said...

Very perceptive, @3:01. Good one.

Anonymous said...

Count me among those who sometimes think you are more than a little paranoid, Mr. Schnauzer. But in this case, I must admit that if I wrote a controversial article about a powerful person on Sept. 17 and got thrown in the slammer roughly five weeks later . . . well, I would wonder about the connections, too.

Anonymous said...

An elephant was walking thru the jungle.A lion leaped onto his back and yelled,GOTCHA! The elephant cocked his head and said,"So"? With all due respect to you ,my question is,"So"? How can one lion bring down an elephant?

Robby Scott Hill said...

Trump will not be President. I haven't liked Trump since he said he'd put H&R Block out of business. I worked hard to become a top notch tax preparer. Trump likes to call people pussies. If Trump isn't a pussy, he'll release his tax returns so we can really see if he's giving money to veterans like he says he is.

Anonymous said...

President Trump will NOT nominate Pryor for anything now.
Rest assured.
Any smart businessman will just find another appointee.
Sorry Bill. You lose.
Schnauzer wins.

Bill is one bad puppy.

e.a.f. said...

Trump may well have been aware of Prior's "prior" behaviour. we are talking about Donald trump after all. Given some of his comments, appointing Prior to the Supreme Court isn't all that out there

One can hardly call someone who went into business bankruptcy 4 times a smart businessman.

As we used to say, just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean it isn't happening to you.

When you have a someone who says they want to be the President of the U.S.A., and they want to ban one faith from coming into the country and deporting 11 million other residents from the country, appointing someone like Prior, is not that out there, for that person. Sounds like the type of thing a guy named Hitler did.

Anonymous said...

@e.a.f. - Is he saying he wants to deport 11 million residents or 11 million illegal residents?

Anonymous said...

President Trump will NOT nominate Pryor for anything now.
Rest assured.
Any smart businessman will just find another appointee.