Monday, January 5, 2015

We might have tracked down "Ernie," the mystery man who helped bring Bill Pryor gay-porn photos to light

Bill Pryor at
When we reported in fall 2013 about nude photographs of U.S. Circuit Judge Bill Pryor that appeared at a gay-pornography Web site in the 1990s, at least one mystery remained unresolved.

It involved a man named "Ernie," who was credited at with providing the Pryor photos, and other images (both color and black and white) from a private collector. (See notation at the top of images embedded at the end of this post.)

Now, it looks like we might have tracked down Ernie's identity. It's not a certainty, but this is an individual who had ties to and other publications about gay life (not just porn), he had a habit of collecting documents and sharing them with others--and his first name is a match; it's Ernie.

Here's what we said about the "mystery of Ernie" in a post dated September 18, 2013:

How did the Pryor photos make their way to Badpuppy? Details about that are murky, but language at the top of "WizardBoy Gallery 19" provides some clues. Here is how it reads: 
"WizardBoy Gallery #19 features new scans of classic color and B&W pix from a private collector. Thanks, Ernie! Comments to WizardBoy welcome."

Who is Ernie? Well, that remains a mystery at this point--although we have discovered some clues about his identity. This much appears certain: Ernie was quite the collector of gay porn, and he liked to share it with his friends and the public.

Ernie almost certainly had no clue that his collecting habits would someday help shine light on a federal judge who has a solid record of speaking out against gay rights. In fact, Bill Pryor might accurately be called the most homophobic individual on the federal bench.

More importantly, we showed in a recent post--borrowing from the work of D.C.-based investigative journalist Wayne Madsen--that members of Pryor's own party (Republicans) have used his gay-porn secrets to help ensure that he serves as a "gatekeeper" for their interests before courts in the Eleventh Circuit (Florida, Georgia, and Alabama).

So, who do we think is this mystery man named "Ernie"? We will address that question in an upcoming post.


Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting. I had forgotten about good old Ernie.

Anonymous said...

I assume you know you were thrown in jail because of your reporting on the Pryor photos. I hope you are careful because I would hate to see that happen again.

legalschnauzer said...

Yes, I'm quite aware of why I was thrown in jail--and who was behind it.

Matt Osborne said...

Popcorn's ready when you are.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Ernie actually took the photos of da judge.

Anonymous said...

Anyone with half a cerebrum knows why Roger got beaten by a uniformed thug and illegally dragged off to jail.

Time to turn the tables on every one of the perps from "Pryor Restraint' on down. Gay Judge Billy is going down - and not in a hot-sack-action way, either (although the photos of that would make for some fun blogging).

Anonymous said...

I am sure there is a scientific way to answer this question. I saw it on the history channel. They have the equipment that could determine the length and size of the penis in this picture. Once that is known, then you could seek a emergency order in federal court that would force the judge to submit to your penis testing. This is the only sure way that we can get to the bottom of this question. Is it the judges penis or just someone who looks like him. In the first pictures you posted of the penis it appeared to have some erection to it. That being the case you will want to make sure that same degrees of erection is taking place during the testing. That may be a "hands on job" if you understand me. Keep us posted on your work in uncovering the real owner of the penis in question.

legalschnauzer said...

That might be more "hands on" work than I really want to get into. Hah!